Getting Started / by Clarissa Gonzalez

To me the first post is always the hardest. It reminds me of when I was ten years old and I would buy one of those diaries with the tiny lock from the book fair. It would be cutely (is that a word?) designed with flowers or stars or glitter and would come with a pack of stickers or a glitter gel pen. My favorite thing would be the empty pages ready to be written or drawn on. I remember flipping through the lightly dyed purple or pink lined pages, excited to fill the book. But then this ten year old's anxiety would settle in (really how anxious can a ten year old be). I didn't know what to start with;   I couldn't handle ruining what I thought was the best object I ever bought with my allowance.

This might be why I don't like keeping a sketchbook.

Anyway, I eventually get over myself, and start drawing, writing stories, taking notes on the everyday. Which is what this blog is for.

Now that I have bored whoever might be reading this with my trip down memory lane. I'm actually really excited (and maybe a little nervous) about this semester. While this first year of grad school has been about making work and experimentation, I'm wanting to be more conscious about what I'm thinking about; whether it be the universe, dark energy, water, the Earth, topography. I'm in search of way to bring these obsessions together. Let see what comes!